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Not Exactly a Melting Pot

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The Los Angeles Times rehashes the NIMBY (short for not in my backyard) saga that went down in Silver Lake over the new jogging path and forthcoming meadow, looking at the whole drama from the point view of Los Angeles-based architect Mia Lehrer, who worked on the master plan for the area. Via the paper: "Opening the meadow has always been part of the master plan, but groups such as Silver Lake Friends and Neighbors and Save the Meadow mounted campaigns against its conversion to a recreational area, particularly a proposed soccer practice field. At one community meeting, Lehrer recalled an individual saying, "We don't want to see piñatas in the neighborhood." "That comment stuck with me for years," Lehrer tells the Times. The 3-acre meadow will open this spring, according to the paper. [LA Times]

Silver Lake Reservoir

1850 W Silver Lake Dr, , CA 90039