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Green Expo Comes To Town, Shows Off Green Development

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This past weekend, the LA Convention Center played host to the first ever Green Expo, a two day event that attracted nearly 10,000 people on Saturday. There were booths for green dentistry, booths for green make-up, and, of course, booths for energy-saving home building materials: shades, solar panels, insulation, and more. And developer Lee Homes was playing the green card, showing off renderings of West LA's under-construction T-Lofts. This is the developer’s collection of eco-conscious live/work spaces on Tennessee Avenue (prices will start at $600,000, according to the web site), walking distance to the mini-Japanese town on Sawtelle, and close to the future Expo Line extension to Santa Monica. (Speaking of which, Metro had a booth and was on hand to guilt people into taking the bus. And there were lots of plug-in cars, carts, and scooters to be found.) Whole flickr set of the event is here.
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