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"Zombie" Meth Addict Hitting Up Echo Park

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Meth makes people do terrible, terrible things. And the most recent rash of car break-ins in Echo Park may be the work of a junkie, reports Eastsider LA:

"Tweaker Tom is the name the police have given to the person they believe is responsible for a recent string of car burglaries in Echo Park and Elysian Heights. He's most likely a meth addict and lives in the neighborhood, said LAPD officer Bobby Hill, Echo Park's top cop. About five cars have been broken into along or near Lemoyne Street and Avon Terrace in the past two weeks, he said. Tweaker Tom and others are scooping up the iPods, GPS gizmos and other items residents are leaving behind in their vehicles. "They are like zombies out in the middle of the night," said Hill. An add to this story: Last Sunday, we witnessed a guy cleaning the glass out of his Audi on Lemoyne Street (pictured) in Echo Park. He told us that whoever had broken into his car had nabbed two iPods from under the seat.
· Echo Park Car Owners Beware: Tweaker Tom is on the Prowl [Eastsider LA]