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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Earthquakes, But Were Afraid To Ask

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Earthquakes can be such a bummer, what with the death, and the destruction, and the collapsing freeways. Luckily, the recently published book, The LA Earthquake Sourcebook, hopes to not only prepare us for the Big One, but also supply us with what's been glaringly absent in previous disaster preparedness propaganda - good design. More via Core77's review: "A collaboration between Stefan Sagmeister and The Art Center College of Design in association with the L.A. Earthquake Get Ready Project, the Sourcebook juxtaposes essays by experts like FEMA Director James Lee Witt with excerpts from authors like Joan Didion." Why stop at a book? We can't wait for the entire LA Earthquake franchise - feature films, posters, massively multi-player video games, and of course, the Joan Didion action figures. They'll be collector items!
· Book Review: The L.A. Earthquake Sourcebook [Core77]