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CurbedWire: Custom Hotel's Many Faces, Gas Company Considers Going Condo

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LINCOLN BLVD: The Custom Hotel, that boutique hotel near LAX, has gone whimsical with sheep and photobooth faces in the elevator. And now this exterior, which went up last fall: It shows Mr. Businessman getting loose. At the top of the strip, he's all suited up. By the bottom, he's had a few martinis and quite possibly ingested something else, too. [Curbed Staff]

DOWNTOWN: It's like salmon swimming upstream. Fighting the current and bucking all other trends, the Historic Gas Company Lofts, a downtown rental building on Flower St., has informed residents that it may go condo. Via the InBox: "My girlfriend is renting at the Gas Co Lofts and she said she got a notice yesterday that the rental units will be going condo. Can you call them and find out what's up? They didn't give her a timetable or anything. Thanks." We called, were told the conversion was at least a year off, and then were told the developers were not interested in any publicity. There you go. [Curbed InBox]