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RentChopper: Neutra Office Apartment Rent Lowered

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First, Silver Lake-based architect Dion Neutra listed his father's historic Neutra Offices on Glendale Blvd in Silver Lake (asking price: $3.5 million. And it may indeed still be for sale, it's not clear). Then, the upper rear apartment was listed as available for rent last September for $1,825 a month. "Historic 1BR- Studio Suite with bath and full kitchen, with balcony overlooking luscious foliage of rear garden down below with space for one uncovered car. When he was first married, Dion Neutra himself lived here 55 years ago." Well, it seems the price was still a bit too high, even for a rental. The apartment has been re-posted on Craigslist, this time for $1,700 per month. Will any Neutra fans bite now?
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