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Van Nuys Begs Sherman Oaks To Adopt Them

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Van Nuys has long been synonymous with porn, tract homes, and strip malls; residents just can't get any respect. The Daily News' Rick Orlov is reporting that a group of 1,855 Van Nuys homeowners want out, and are hoping they can change their neighborhood ID to Sherman Oaks, a Valley hood with better schools and less crime. Problem is, Sherman Oaks doesn't want them (neither does Van Nuys want to let them go). The Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council rejected the proposal by the rogue neighborhood, which is bounded by Sepulveda Boulevard, Hazeltine Avenue, Burbank Boulevard and Oxnard Street. Other Van Nuys hoods have previously jumped ship, creating new neighborhoods like Lake Balboa and Valley Glen. The issue now heads to the City Council's Education and Neighborhood Committee.
· Another Group in Van Nuys Wants Out [Daily News]