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Dan the Miner Is More Secure Than Ever

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Television camera crews far outnumbered Carthay Circle residents at this morning's unveiling of Dan the Miner, the bronze statue that was stolen and cut in two last year, but no matter. He's back. And to ensure Dan, looking very green thanks to a recent wax job, isn't stolen again, the seven-foot statue is now firmly attached to a granite boulder beneath his faux rock, says Donna Williams, founder of Burbank-based Williams Art Conservation, the firm overseeing the restoration. (Dan was attached to the boulder before, but not nearly as powerfully.) But because the thieves drove up right up to the statue, leaving tire tracks on the lawn, at least one resident wants more security. "I'm hoping they put bollards up," John Jones, a self-described historian/record producer, tells us. Meanwhile, reader Vokoban has dug up a photo of Dan that appeared in the LA Times in 1925--it's after the jump.

Caption: Carthay Center's California Pioneers of 1849 Celebration in Los Angeles, Calif., 1925
Publication Los Angeles Times