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Metro Pushes Forward Four Projects, Including Two Subways

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At today's board meeting, Metro approved environmental impact reviews and preliminary engineering for a Wilshire subway to Westwood, as well as a Red Line spur from Hollywood to Beverly Hills via Santa Monica Blvd. Also approved was an EIR for a Downtown Connector that would link up light-rail lines and provide seamless travel from Long Beach to Pasadena, and Culver City to East LA. Metro is considering both an under- and above-ground connector that would travel on 2nd Street. An EIR will also go forward on further eastward extension of the Gold Line (the East LA spur opens this summer). The Orange Line also got a boost; the final EIR for an extension to Chatsworth (and Metrolink) was approved, meaning construction can start this year. Dates for subway and connector openings weren't mentioned, but it sounds like Metro has a bounce in their step that should speed up previously mentioned ribbon-cuttings.
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