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Rumblings & Bumblings Answers: Culver City Legs, Millennium Project

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Thank you for all your answers to this week's edition of Rumblings & Bumblings: Petersen Building on Sunset, Annoying Culver City. And on to the answers...

CULVER CITY: After a reader asked about that art/scaffolding/imaginary friends at 9900 Culver, developer Joseph Miller at Runyon Partners writes in to Curbed: "I am building on the site next to the post office in Culver City. I will definitely send out renderings and plans as they become available. [Ed: Some renderings are posted here, but the project will probably look nothing like what comes so let us all refrain from judgment.] The building will be a mixed-use development with 18 residences and 5,600 square feet of retail." The official web site for the project is here. Also, reader Will Campbell's photos of the scaffolding (as seen above) are here.

WEST HOLLYWOOD: The Petersen Building on Sunset, which will die for the long-delayed Millennium project--hotels, condos, retail, and entertainment-- is waiting on the courts. And as a reader reminds us: "The Project includes several phases, the first phase being Equinox/Ketchup/H & M/etc. The whole project was a cluster f**k and is still being developed." We get more information via a conversation with Ryan Gierach, editor of WeHo News: "A group of homeowners [who are actually Los Angeles residents] up in the hills above the project brought a civil suit to stop the Millenium," says Gierach. "The suit is currently going through the courts, and that's the only thing that is holding it back. It needed the entitlements updated and that passed with little controversy some months ago." Once it gets started, construction is supposed to take 26 months. UPDATE: Well, now comes totally conflicting information. A representative for one of the developers writes in: "The suit in question has been resolved, with the Court of Appeals rejecting the hillside residents’ arguments that the EIR was flawed. That ruling was issued in July 2007, by the way."
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