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CurbedWire: Conquest Sells Some Buildings, Rowan Midnight Blitz

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USC: A sort of round-about interesting update to that USC vs. Conquest Housing lawsuit. Last Friday, Costa Mesa-based West Star Housing announced it was purchasing seven student housing properties from Conquest. The properties are: Tuscany (pictured), Chez Ronnee, The Bungalows, Habitat Soo Zee, Corsica, Pisa and Roma. And in an interesting twist, the Westsar and USC agreement will allow USC to manage the seven properties, the first time USC has managed student housing properties that it does not directly own, according to the press release. [Curbed Inbox]

DOWNTOWN: How much money are you spending advertising that auction, Rowan? Those ads are everywhere. (And thank you for not doing a supergraphic.) Meanwhile, the building is having an exclusive “Midnight Madness” Special tonight. According to the press release, the building will remain open till midnight to handle all the interest. Let's hope they serve cocktails. Meanwhile, a rep for the project tells us: "So far 750 homebuyers have signed cards before taking a tour of the building. If you factor in the number of people accompanying them on the tour, people who’ve toured the building with brokers and the brokers, somewhere in the vicinity of 2000 people have toured the property." More information on the status of the project is here. [Curbed InBox]

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