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Ask Curbed: What Rights Does a Tenant Have After Death?

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A good Samaritan in Santa Monica trying to help a recently deceased neighbor has a question about said neighbor's tenants rights: "One of my neighbors passed away [last week]. We live in a rent controlled building, and my neighbor had been living in the same apartment for over 25 years.

I am currently helping the executor of her will. We are trying to find out what her rights are regarding a potential eviction by the owner, who also lives on the premises and will find out about my neighbor's death soon, if she hasn't already. Ideally, the executor would like to not break the lease until my neighbor's estate is taken care of, and the apartment has been emptied. My neighbor's January rent was paid on time, and all future due rents will be paid by the executor.

Can you or any of your readers point us to info/links on tenants' rights in such circumstances? I called the Santa Monica Rent Control Board, but they are closed... I also called Santa Monicans for Renters Rights, but only got voicemail. The executor of my neighbor's estate could not get an appointment with her lawyer before next Tuesday."
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