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Old-Timey Subway Renderings from the '80s

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Before methane gas blew up the Ross store in the Fairfax District in 1985, plans for LA's subway included stations on Wilshire at La Brea and Fairfax. The architectural renderings of those subway stations have recently been uncovered by LA City Buzz Examiner (right now, they're only displaying La Brea). Subway station architect Richard Deidrich, who also designed the currently-running Los Feliz subway station, tells the Examiner: “The idea is to give people clues about what neighborhood they are in as they emerge from each station.” Now that the Wilshire subway is game on, we can only wonder how the essence of La Brea (tar and dinosaurs?) and Fairfax (museums, old department stores?) will be captured in the upcoming design phase. More details on when that design phase will begin should become clearer tomorrow when Metro authorizes the subway's environmental impact report to go forward at their board meeting.

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