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CurbedWire: Fictional Realities, Sunset and Vine Tower Work

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LOS ANGELES: A different view of the city: Above is a work by artist Jeremy Kidd, who has an opening tomorrow night at Fahey/Klein Gallery. More via the press release: "Fictional Realities combines a series of digital, time-lapse photographs that have been stitched and blended together to create a panoramic view that transcends time and space. Assembled from the hundreds of frames taken of each site, each construction creates a unique vision of a familiar place, one that is wholly recognizable and utterly alien at the same time." Nifty. [Curbed InBox]

HOLLYWOOD: The Sunset and Vine tower looks so nearly done, so we can't imagine that construction has stopped. What's going on CIM? But a reader writes: "What's going on with the glass tower that has been under construction for 2 years. I walk by it everyday and there hasn't been any new work completed in the last 90 days. No one is ever on-site. Are the big billboards just paying the rent? Is the building going to be commercial or residential?" We have an email out to the company about the status of the project and when the building, which is a rental development, will be ready for move-ins. [Curbed InBox}