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Afternoon Thinkage: Best Neighborhood To Be Unemployed

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"I'm bored. There's no one to hang out with during the day." That's from a 30-something lawyer friend in Palms who was laid off six weeks ago. Even if you are lucky enough to have a job right now, Los Angeles can be isolating. And if you lose your job, and well, access to other humans, what neighborhood would you want to be holed up in? One would think most people would want street life, transportation, and other people around--aka Koreatown, Downtown, West Hollywood--but maybe some people would rather camp out in a quieter neighborhood to catch up on all that reading and food rationing. And here's a dream: What neighborhoods will see its citizens take action? What neighborhoods will start blogs or social networking groups to connect unemployed people (suggestions: social activities, volunteering, or car-pooling) during the day? In short, if you're jobless, where do you want to be right now?
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