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Quick Tour of Downtown's Trinity Auditorium

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Are you connected to this project or just being nosy, Flickr user Pdodog? Either way, Mr. Pdodog has found himself in the Trinity Auditorium/Embassy Hotel at 831 Grand Avenue downtown and snapped some photos. This building has been on the radar of downtowners for a while; most recently New York developer Chetrit was talking about a crazy skybridge that would connect this development (they continue to assure everyone the building will house a hotel) with a condo building (currently a parking lot) across the street. While you wait for the skybridge, take a quick run through Pdodog's Flickr set. All the photos are here. Meanwhile, the (unconfirmed) text from his Flickr page: "The current owners have proposed to turn the building into a luxury boutique hotel."

Early plans called for a complete renovation of the 103,000-square-foot structure, including redesigning all 175 guest rooms, sprucing up the 1,800-seat theater and creating a bar and patio on the roof. Meanwhile the building stands vacant as demolition and piecemeal construction proceed haphazardly."

But by no means is this the first time Chetrit has started work on the hotel. At one point, it was supposed to be the Palace Hotel, and Chetrit hired French architect David Bitton to do renderings for the project.

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Embassy Hotel

831 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA