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Rumblings & Bumblings: Petersen Building on Sunset, Annoying Culver City

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Every week, readers send in questions. Every week, we find answers. Send your questions to the tipline.
1. Sunset Strip: Wow. This same question was asked in a Rumbling and Bumblings in July 2006. "What is with the Petersen Building at the corner of Sunset and La Cienega? It always has big billboards on the side...and the Tiffany/Actor's Studio Building also at Sunset and La Cienega? Both buildings look like real dumps; are they occupied or are there any plans for redevelopment?"

2. Culver City: Despite winning the Curbed Cup, Culver City has its detractors. A reader writes: "Apologies if it's been covered, but any idea what's going in next to the post office in downtown culver city? They recently erected this really annoying poster on the boards surrounding the project that show people looking through little round window and pointing, which just seems mean spirited considering you can't see anything from any angle on the place. (can't send pics cause i'm out of town)."
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