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Office Tenants Sue Over Saggy Wilshire Supergraphic

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How great is this story? Now the companies that work inside the buildings with the supergraphic banners are getting into the fray, reports the LA Times' David Zahinser. The most recent supergraphic blitz included a stunt in which Mike McNeilly put his 1969 screen graphics on numerous buildings around this city. But one company that works at 6380 Wilshire, site of the saggy supergraphic (pictured) is upset: "In a lawsuit filed in Superior Court, Recon Research Corp. said its landlord put a supergraphic on the east side of the building [6380 Wilshire LLC.] without contacting his client, a move that turned the office “from a conservative, prestigious environment to one that is crass and commercial.”

“(Recon) contends that the installation of the supergraphic sign has changed the character of the office property and its outward appearance such as to make it no longer suitable for the purpose for which it was leased, i.e. to provide office space that matched the character and status of (its) clientele,” wrote lawyer Alan Harris. According to Recon Corp's web site, the company provides "economic advisory services and litigation assistance to domestic and international corporate clients." This building also houses the Consulate General of Israel.

A reader who works in the Warner Brothers Music building in Burbank sent in this photo last May.

· 'Supergraphics' billboard fight goes to court [LA Time