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PriceSpotter Big Reveal: REO in Toy Factory Lofts

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Ah, the good old days...when the phrase REO evoked the sweet sounds of REO Speedwagon, not Get Ready to Live in Your Car. Now the answer to last week's REO in Toy Factory Lofts. (Also, per wiki, REO Speedwagon got its name from REO Motor Car Company, the initials of Oldsmobile founder Ransom Eli Olds.)

What/Where: One bedroom, one bathroom at 1855 Industrial Way in downtown's Arts District
Size: 990 square feet
Good to know: Came to market 7 days ago. Bought as foreclosure/REO. Sold for $525,000 in 2005, it is now listed for $364,995

: Readers Phil7269 and Ankur tied with their guesses of $365,000. Also, there's a lower-priced REO in the same building for $309,000.
Thanks for playing, come back next week