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CurbedWire: Andaz Hotel's Pool, Barnsdall Book Store Campaign

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WEST HOLLYWOOD: We recently took a trip to the new Riot Hyatt aka the new Andaz to check out the family-friendliness of the hotel pool. It was a rather mild scene. Pretty boys, couples, kids. There's a six foot pool, drink service, cabanas, nice views. Not a huge area, but very pleasant. [Curbed Staff]

LOS FELIZ: At last Friday's event for photographer Pedro E. Guerrero at the Barnsdall Arts Center, Friends of the Hollyhock House President Barry Storch announced that a financing drive would soon kick-off with the goal of bringing a bookstore to Barnsdall. The small bookstore would sell art and architecture books, among other things, acting as a companion store to the art center. Seems like an excellent idea, we hope to see it happen. UPDATED. [Curbed Staff]