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Still Building: Our Community Colleges

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Back in November, voters passed Measure J, a bond-funded initiative that'll help repair and improve facilities at numerous local ommunity colleges, and yesterday, the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) issued a press release noting that its trustees had "approved more than $400 million in new job-creating contracts that will give L.A's sagging economy a powerful lift....With L.A.'s unemployment rate at 8.4 percent and a record-high 2.6 million national job losses for 2008, LACCD is doing its part to keep Angelenos employed in these critical economic times." Jump on those jobs, construction workers. The bigger projects and what they will get: West LA College: $80 Million Allied Health and Wellness Center with energy generations and savings components; Mission College: $70 Million East Campus project including classroom, laboratory and parking facilities with energy generations and savings components; Harbor College (pictured): $28 Million parking structures project with photo voltaic elements and smart parking technologies. [LACCD]