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Long Beach Murder and Meth Building For Sale

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Pictured above is 1149 East 1st in Long Beach, a multi-unit apartment building that's listed for about $2.2 million and is also the subject of a city lawsuit, according to the Press-Telegram's Paul Eakins, who reports that city officials believe the owners have been operating an illegal hotel at the site. In 2008, police responded to 201 calls about the building, which had previously received national attention for housing 15 registered sex offenders. Via the paper: "According to the complaint, police have been called to the address for issues ranging from minor problems such as loud music and parking violations to serious criminal activity such as the possession for sale of methamphetamine and attempted murder." The city is trying to get the lien on the property, which would prevent the owners from selling the building, which, as the listing notes, "has lots of character." Indeed.
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