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New To Market: Rodney Walker Case Study House in Bel Air?

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Newly listed on the MLS is this two-bedroom, one-and-three-quarters bath in Bel Air. However, while it claims to be a Rodney Walker Case Study House, we can't find any record of a Rodney Walker Case Study house in Bel Air. Nor one built in 1952, as the property records indicate for this house. Is it a typo? A mistake? Are the broker's pants currently on fire? We do know that Walker's design for 15222 Mulholland was documented in House Beautiful in the early 1950s but that was not part of the Case Study program, nor is that this house. Via the listing: "wide open floor plan, with designated areas for living and dining, plus den with stone fireplace. Sleek cook's kitchen." The house was last sold in May 2006 for $1.42 million. Today's asking price: $1.595 million.
· 15142 Mulholland Dr Los Angeles, CA 90077 [Redfin]