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Pedestrian Core, Parking, And More: It's A Target Cake

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Racked LA digs up information on that new Target coming to Sunset and Western; the project is currently winding its way through the Department of Planning's web site. Write our sister: "The project will have a 162,415 square foot Target store and there are plans for 6,600 square feet of 'retail and food uses'...Layout wise, here's your Target cake: Stores and parking on the first floor, parking on the second floor, and the Target on the third store." All told, there are 458 parking spaces. And hey, humans are considered in the whole thing: "A vertical pedestrian core on the east side of the building facing Sunset Blvd. would connect all the levels above ground to the street and provide easy pedestrian access from Sunset Blvd. and Western Ave." Now, above are early renderings (at least we are guessing they will change slightly), so it's hard to know exactly what the final thing will look like, but judging from the description and the images, this is looking like a good old-fashioned Southern California shopping center. After the jump, the traffic changes: Restriping, widening, new signal.

Implement the recommendations of the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation as outlined in their correspondence dated November 25, 2008, included in Appendix I of this document.

15-2. St. Andrews Place and Sunset Boulevard – The northbound approach on St. Andrews Place to Sunset Boulevard shall be restriped to accommodate a left-turn lane and a left-thru-right turn lane.

15-3. Western Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard – Western Avenue shall be restriped to increase the southbound curb lane from 18 feet to 20 feet in width to facilitate the southbound right-turning traffic on Western Avenue at Hollywood Boulevard (i.e., functional right-turn lane).

15-4. Sunset Boulevard and Western Avenue – The west side of Western Avenue north of Sunset Boulevard shall be widened by seven feet from north of Sunset Boulevard to approximately 160 feet to allow for the installation of a southbound right-run lane on Western Avenue. This is in addition to the intersection improvements required to satisfy the City street standards.

15-5. Western Avenue and De Longpre Avenue – A new traffic signal with a northbound left-turn pocket shall be added to the intersection of Western Avenue and De Longpre Avenue. Currently, the intersection is marked with an uncontrolled crosswalk and no left-turn storage lane. The proposed traffic signal will facilitate the safe and efficient movement of pedestrians and vehicles at this intersection. Additionally, De Longpre Avenue shall be restriped to include an eastbound
left-turn lane and a right-turn lane at its intersection with Western Avenue.

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