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Tidy Round-Up of Your Billboard Complaints

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The Inbox got flooded with a number of complaints about billboards and supergraphics this week. And yes, we're tired of writing about billboards every week, but there's also a definite momentum growing in terms of anger about these things. Readers can always email photos and information to the Committee to Ban Billboard Blight.

1. A reader writes: "I drive down Hollywood Blvd. every morning on the way to work past the always growing W Hotel & Residences. I noticed in the last week or so they’ve added a bunch of places for what appear to be future building billboards (pictured). The city is trying to fight new billboards but what about ones that are built into new construction? Looking at the models of the building from Hollywood Blvd. I can see at least 4 oversized billboards that will be part of the building. Let’s hope they’re not all illuminated."

2. Sending in the above photo, a reader writes: "Yet another video billboard to assault LA drivers, this time on the heavily traveled Lincoln Blvd. @ 83rd in Westchester. Saw this board going up Thursday by contractors working on behalf of Clear Channel. Are the board companies racing the beat the proposed moratorium?"

3. Another reader writes: "Theres a huge supergraphic ad for Tropicana on the west facing side of the AIG Sun America building next to the 10 freeway. It must've been added yesterday afternoon because nothing was covering the building yesterday around noon. Sorry I could not take a picture I was driving to fast :p I like supergraphic ads but I think this is getting a bit crazy..."