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CurbedWire: New Robertson Apartments, Metro Student Pass

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ROBERTSON: The latest construction shot of a new apartment building at the corner of Robertson and Olympic, not an intersection where we spot a lot of new multi-unit residential construction. Not a lot to tell you about this project, but it's being managed by Califico, which also has a lot of commercial properties. [Curbed Staff]

LOS ANGELES: There was a big press event today to announce what is being called the most affordable student transit pass program in the country. Via the press release: "Nearly 30,000 students at nine community colleges throughout L.A. County will now be able to purchase a transit pass for only $15 per semester. The new program saves students more than $200 -- a significant amount during these tough economic times. Metro's Institution Transit Access Pass (I-TAP) program enables colleges to subsidize transit passes for their student body, with the goal of providing affordable commuting solutions while encouraging public transit use." More via Metro's site.[Curbed InBox]