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Rumblings & Bumblings Answers: Pies in the Sky, Americana at Brand Sales, Chateau De Lis

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Thank you for your answers to this week's Rumblings & Bumblings. Send in your queries for next week.

[Downtown's planned and shelved Hope Street hotel. It'll continue to exist in your mind]

LOS ANGELES: A reader wondered what happened to that planned 40-unit condo development at Melrose and Wilcox. "It's on hold like every other project right now," Jay Vanos, principal for Vanos Architecture, tells us. (The developer on that was the Merrill Company in Woodland Hills.) Meanwhile, Vanos was also behind that Transformer Hotel aka 1233 Hope Street in downtown (pictured). What about that? "Another pie in the sky," he says.

GLENDALE: A reader asked how Americana at Brand is doing in terms of selling/renting. Here's your partial answer: A spokesperson for the development said the rental building is 60 percent leased. The sales figures weren't immediately available, but she did say that before anyone can move into the sales portion of the building, it must be 50 percent sold. Additionally, she confirmed reader Crave the Mind's comment. He/she wrote: "People looking to buy a condo at the Americana are offered the opportunity to put a deposit down on the condo and live in the rentals until an adequate percentage of the units were committed to sale." Now, does the 60 percent leased figure include the people who have moved in because they are buying? Well, that was another question that we couldn't immediately get an answer for.

PASADENA: A reader wanted to know what was going up on Lake Avenue, just south of California, in Pasadena. Per reader Driving Sideways, this is Chateau De Lis, a 12 unit condo project at 635-641 Lake Avenue. We also spoke with Michael (he declined to give his last name), the former developer of the project, who sold it to its new owners. Michael told us he'd recently seen the Lave Avenue project and they were framing the third floor.
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