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CurbedWire: Guerrero Party, Monarch Group Meets WeHo

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LOS ANGELES: On Friday night, Friends of the Hollyhock House will host a reception for photographer Pedro E. Guerrero, who worked extensively with architect Frank Lloyd Wright. There will be a meet and greet, a look at his private collection, and the screening of the documentary film "Pedro E. Guerrero: Portrait of an Image Maker." Tickets are $150.00, a price which includes a signed copy of Guerrero's latest memoir (and a glass of Chardonnay, we imagine). More information here. Image of Taliesin, FLW's Wisconsin residence via [Curbed Inbox]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: A reader attended that recent presentation by developer Monarch Group in regards to the two big projects proposed for the area. (Reminder: Carl's Jr at Santa Monica/La Brea would be demolished for 178 rentals and retail; Jon's market at Fountain/La Brea would also perish, paving the way for 60 rentals and more retail.) Regarding the meeting, the reader writes: "Developer sounds pretty decent having done a lot in San Diego and OC. The initial plans look decent.

Both 6 stories with high end materials. We asked them about financing and they said that since they will have to go through the EIR process, they are confident that financing will be better in 2 years. Bank of America is their exclusive financing partner who they've worked with for 40 years so they feel very confident that when it comes time, they'll be good to go. The first PUBLIC meeting is on the 28th." Bank of America is about to get another $20 billion so everything should be fine, right? [Curbed InBox]