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Film Shoots Way Down, More Jobs Lost

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Last year, city and state officials tried to push forward legislation that would give film companies tax incentives if they filmed in California (New York and New Mexico are states that lure companies by offering such incentives). Now comes this report via the LA Times: "As if Los Angeles doesn't have enough grim economic news, here's one more sobering fact to add to the pain: Feature film production on the streets of the city dropped to its lowest level on record last year, according to FilmL.A., the group that coordinates on-location film shoots. On-location shoots of feature films fell 14% in 2008 to 7,043 permitted days, the lowest level since tracking began in 1993, according to FilmL.A., which coordinates film permits in the city and much of the county. Feature production in the fourth quarter fell 46%, posting its weakest quarter since 1993." FilmL.A. President Paul Audley issued a statement that noted: We must create an environment that brings back high-dollar film productions, the thousands of jobs they generate and the revenues they pump into our local economy." The news is probably more frustrating in light of the fact that there have been numerous articles lately indicating that the entertainment industry is thought of by some to be recession-proof. Meanwhile, with advertisers cutting back on their budgets, commercial shoots dropped 17 percent in the fourth quarter and 11 percent for the year, according to the paper.
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