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NFL to Chavez Ravine?

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While everyone was busy worrying that Walnut's mayor would derail plans for a NFL stadium in the City of Industry, it turns out that our own mayor is the one that doesn't necessarily want developer Ed Roski to bring football to the City of Industry. The LA Times reports that Robert "Bud" Ovrom, deputy mayor of commercial and residential development, has been urging Chamber of Commerce members to look at other sites because the "idea was to allow the chamber to also endorse such alternative sites as, say, Chavez Ravine. The chamber obliged....Mayoral spokesman Matt Szabo said Villaraigosa would like to have a team back in the city -– but has not endorsed any specific stadium site. 'It would be fair to say that the mayor’s office made it clear that bringing the NFL back to Los Angeles is a priority and that options should remain open,' Szabo said." [LA Times]