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Whole Bunch of New (Metered) Parking Coming to Venice

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Prepare thyself, Venice. Your sun-soaked residents may have somehow avoided having to put up with parking meters on Abbot Kinney Blvd, but fancy new meters are coming to the areas behind the boulevard. First spotted in Silver Lake, and then Larchmont Blvd, those new meters aka pay stations are coming to the alleys between Abbot Kinney and Electric Avenue. Above are construction shots of work being done by the Department of Transportation to create the new parking spots; previously, local businesses had been using this space, according to Vahan Pezeshkian, Transportation Engineer for Off-Street Parking Facilities at the Department of Transportation. Meanwhile, the existing parking lots directly up the street from this site (seen in photo four) are also getting the meters. Pezeshkian's answers to all your questions after the jump. UPDATE: And to be clear, these aren't the first pay meters. Per a reader, the meters are already around Main St. around Chaya Venice

Via email, Pezeshkian replied to the following questions:

How many parking spots will be added to Venice? And on what blocks is the
construction taking place on?

The current plans propose to add 66 parking spaces (along the alley between Abbot Kinney Blvd and Electric Ave called Irving Tabor Court) to the block between Santa Clara Ave and California Ave, and 49 spaces to the block between Palms Blvd and Venice Blvd for a total of 115 parking spaces.

And parking meters will be added to all the new spaces?

Multi-space parking meters a.k.a. pay stations will be added to all new parking spaces (except five disabled accessible spaces).

And when do you expect this to be finished by?

Construction is expected to be completed within six to 12 months depending on the permitting process. [Because the work is in the coastal zone district, permitting can take longer.]

We also asked Pezeshkian if meters might also be coming to Abott Kinney; he forwarded the question to the On-Street Parking Division and we'll post the answer shortly.