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CurbedWire: South Beverly Park Triumphs Over North Beverly Park

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BEVERLY PARK: They are popping champagne bottles and gunning their engines in South Beverly Park tonight because there's been a decision in that nutty lawsuit that pitted the North Beverly Park Homeowners Association against the South Beverly Park Homeowners Association. Readers will remember that latter sued the former over street access; the crux of the suit was whether the guests, friends, and workers--ie, the maids, contractors, and gardeners--could use a street located in North Beverly Park. And the defendant/plaintiff list included too many famous names to keep track of.

Well, we just got a look at Judge Norman P. Tarle's tentative decision (dated January 13th) and he has ruled in favor of the South Beverly Park Homeowners Association. So they will have the right to regain full use of the road, and their friends and staff will no longer have to go on that seven-mile detour (the North Beverly Park Homeowners Association made them do the detour). Making the help use a different road does seem completely offensive, so we wholeheartedly agree with Judge Tarle's ruling. UPDATE: The LA Times' Martha Groves talks to a lawyer for the Northern HOA: "It’s our intention to file written objections to the tentative decision," he said. A lawyer for the Southern HOA fires back: "Every stone has been turned over in this case. There is nothing that hasn’t been brief and argued."
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