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Reader Rant: Wilshire and Fairfax Traffic Jam

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The latest rant comes from an frustrated driver hitting Wilshire Blvd traffic (is there anything worse?) He writes: "Is it just me, or is the new traffic pattern at Wilshire and Fairfax the stupidest idea ever? Let me set the scene -- you're traveling north on Fairfax, and you've just emerged from the usual single lane traffic through Little Ethiopia. Finally, there are two lanes. But it only lasts for a few blocks, because at Wilshire, the right lane suddenly turns into a 'right turn only' lane.

So what you have is a long line of cars in the left lane, and an empty right lane. Great for the few drivers turning right, but terrible for the vast majority of the cars which are continuing on Fairfax. It makes no sense, unless it is temporary, until they are done working on the now closed right lane on Fairfax just north of Wilshire." If you've got a rant or better yet, a Traffic Solution, ie an idea to make intersections easier to navigate, feel free to email us.
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