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Courier Claims Victory in Waldorf Astoria/Hilton Battle

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The Beverly Hills Courier is reporting that opponents of Measure H, which was narrowly approved last fall following a long vote counting process (the measure would add a new hotel and condos at Wilshire and Santa Monica boulevards) have missed the deadline to file for a recount. It was widely believed that the opponents would demand a recount given the closeness of the race. Now, god bless the Courier, but the paper has never hidden its bias in regards to the project (it wants the development).

And the newspaper's latest article on the topic is less an actual news story than a gleeful announcement: "When contacted [about the missed deadline] by The Courier, lead opponent Larry Larson said that their election attorney had advised them that they had six months to bring suit to challenge the election. He cited California Election Code Sections 16100 and 16400 as grounds for bringing suit. The only basis for a suit which grants six months is an allegation that enough individual voters were bribed to vote differently than they would other have done, and then did so changing the outcome. Challenges based on alleged registration violations must be brought within 30 days of an election's certification. That deadline has passed without suit being filed." Story continues via the link below.
· Measure H Opponents Miss Suit Deadline [BHC]