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Rent Check: One-Bedroom Beverly Blvd Tudor

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This isn't one of the cheapest listings we've run across on Craigslist but it is one of the more charming. The one-bedroom apartment is in the 1930's Hamilton Arms on Sweetzer near Beverly, and features beamed ceilings, stained glass windows, peg and groove hardwood floors, walnut wainscoting, art deco tile, and a non-working fireplace. You have to admit, it's pretty gorgeous. While the property agent lists the apartment at $1,900 per month, the Craigslist post advertises it at $1,800 per month. So is the LA Times right in calling the current market a renter's market?
· $1800 / 1br - Breathtaking 1930's English Tudor Spacious 1+1 [Craigslist]