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Who's the Best Real Estate Agent in WeHo?

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It's awards season, so get ready for the... WeHo Awards? Partly sponsored by, the gay hook-up site, "the WeHo Awards are designed to empower individuals by encouraging outstanding achievements in the development of charities, business and events that serve our community," according to their web site. One of those awards is best community realtor; 10 agents are nominated. Anyone can vote (looks like online voting closes tomorrow), but we're not sure the criteria for winning (best bus bench ad? shiniest hair?). Looks like not a single woman made the cut for nominees, unless Tracey is a she. Meanwhile, that's Anthony Vulin (Millennium Team/Keller Williams) pictured. Nominee #1.

Anthony Vulin
Bobby Boyd
Jeff Hobgood
John Kostrey
Phil Drewry
Rann Lee
Steven Kay
Steven Spreafic
Tracey Broadman
Yawar Charlie