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Rumblings & Bumblings Questions: Melrose Condo, Americana Sales, New Pasadena Apartments?

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Welcome to Rumblings & Bumblings, a place where readers are encouraged to send in questions and queries. Don't be shy. Say hello. And if you know the answer, email us or leave your reply in comments.

LOS ANGELES: A reader wants to know what happened to that planned 40-unit development at the intersection of Melrose and Wilcox. He writes: "I live in the area and was just curious. Assuming it's like a lot of projects: on hold or dead in the water." Vanos Architects is behind this design; they also introduced us to the Miracle of Hope, aka the Transformer Hotel that was supposed to rise downtown. Whatever happened to that thing?

GLENDALE: Good question. A reader writes: "Just wondering if you are tracking the sales at Americana at Brand. How many of those things have sold and is the building going rental?" Of course, there already is a rental part at Americana at Brand. And Caruso Affiliated keeps those sales numbers very close to their chest, but we will look for an answer.

PASADENA: A reader writes: "Although there hasn't been any Fresh and Easy news recently, you might want to check out what they are doing on Lake and California in Pasadena. They are tearing down the old Wild Oats Market, which had a lot of character, to rebuild a corporate, beige stucco F&E. Kind of silly, and certainly not the most sustainable solution. A little confusing since although the old store wasn't ideally laid out, it would have been cheaper to keep and was much nicer. Too bad. Finally, on Lake just south of California and the new F&E there is a new condo/apartment going up. Do you have any info on what it is???"
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The Americana at Brand

889 Americana Way., Glendale, CA 91210