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CurbedWire: Fountain Avenue Flashback, Scientologists Move Slowly

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EAST HOLLYWOOD: Now it's part of the Church of Scientology's West Coast headquarters, but above is a shot of the building when it was the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital. The hospital on Fountain Avenue opened in 1930, according to the web site for the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council.

It's not clear when the building was painted blue. Also, on Sunday we noticed that repairs are just not happening very quickly at the church, are they? It was in May 2008 that we were told by a church representative that work has been going on to repair damages from the 1994 Northridge earthquake, but the repairs seem to have been going on for years. Latest construction shot is after the jump. Also, for anyone out of work: There's a big "We're Hiring" sign outside the offices of the church. They may be the only game in town offering jobs. [Curbed InBox]