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Walnut Holding Up NFL Stadium

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While Walnut and City of Industry officials met last week to try and come to some agreement about that proposed NFL stadium, nothing was resolved, reports the Los Angeles Business Journal. Among other things, Walnut Mayor Joaquin Lim wants a new environmental report done on the stadium (an initial report was done, and then a supplemental report added later), and is threatening to file a lawsuit to ensure that it is done. Meanwhile, it sounds like Lim is scared Walnut will basically turn into a parking lot for an Oakland-style tailgate party. He tells the paper: “Walnut was created as a bedroom community. The type of rowdiness associated with professional games is something we don’t need or want. Tailgate parties, the consumption of alcohol; we are a family-oriented community that doesn’t need beer-drinking football fans.” Previous coverage here. [LABJ]