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Mystery: Feathered and Footed in Silver Lake

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Is there anything more puzzling than coming across dead poultry? Probably. But here's a query from a reader: "I was cleaning up Santa Monica Bvld yesterday (between Virgil and Sunset) with the Los Angeles Neighborhood Clean Up Project (LANCUP), and we came across 4 dead chickens (feathered and footed) on the side of the street! We don't know where they came from or how they got there, but they were in plastic bags, decomposing....We are currently searching for an explanation. Any ideas? Is there an underground cock fighting arena in the neighborhood?" OK, per the photo (after the jump), it looks like at least one of the chickens is missing a head, too. UPDATE: Oooh, it gets weirder. As a commenter points out, Echo Park blog Chicken Corner also recently posted about locals seeing headless rooster and pigeons.

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