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Emerald Apartment Palace Proposed for Burton Way

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Something called the Burton Way Mixed-Use Development Project--to be located at Burton Way and La Doux Road--is working its way through the city's planning department web site, and while we've covered all those new apartment buildings cropping up on nearby Wilshire Blvd, there hasn't been too much new residential development in this pocket of the city. According to the documents, a group called Century Investments, Inc. has proposed putting up 13,500 square feet of retail space and 88 apartments (35 one-bedroom, 53 two-bedroom units), and 223 parking spaces. The site was most recently used as an automotive dealership, according to the documents. Looking at the rendering, it would seem that the design could be teal and interesting in an art deco way or the project could be teal in a terrible 1980s way. Let's hope for the former. UPDATE: Per comments, it looks like developer Rick Caruso is behind this project.

Per the description from the city's web site:

8500-8504, 8506-8510, 8516, 8520, 8526, 8528 W. Burton Way and 400, 422-426 S. Le Doux Rd.; Wilshire. Council District No. 5. Project includes the construction of a LEED Certified mixed-use, eight-story commercial and residential development of approx. 88 residential units including 35 one-bedroom and 53 two-bedroom units, approx. 13,500 sq. ft. of ground floor commercial retail space, and 4 levels of parking (1 subterranean) containing 223 parking spaces including 54 retail spaces, 159 residential spaces and 10 additional surplus spaces.

Access to the site would be one driveway off Colgate Ave. for retail parking and two driveways off Le Doux Rd. for residential use only. Two billboards for off-site advertising will be removed from the site and replaced by 4 smaller off-site advertising signs behind 4 windows facing Burton Way.

Discretionary requests include a General Plan Amendment, Zone Change, Height District Change to permit a 4:1 Floor Area Ratio (FAR) for mixed-use building in lieu of the existing 1.5:1 FAR for a commercial only building, Conditional Use Beverage (CUB) for off-site consumption of beer, wine, and distilled spirits, Zone Variance to permit off-site signage and deviations from technical provisions of the City’s sign ordinance, Zoning Administrator’s Adjustment to permit an increase in density from 85 to 88 units, and Site Plan Review.
· City Planning Department [Official Site]