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Hotel Andaz Reviews Coming In

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The kids over at Hotel Chatter have checked out the new Riot Hyatt/Andaz Hotel on Sunset in West Hollywood, which opened last week, and the blog is giving the place mostly positive reviews. One thing to know about the check- in process: There's no front desk, so you check in via latptop (there is some assistance). That's very Jet Blue. More from the blog: "While we think the hotel needs some time to gel, the Andaz is a much-needed hotel on the Strip. The others are either too old, too elitist or too scene-y. Andaz is aiming to avoid falling into any of those categories." HotelChatter also offer a very short video tour of a room. The experience of watching the video is like being a little buzzed and trying to find your keys. More on the hotel here. [Hotel Chatter]