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PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Lavagnino's Real Residence Returns

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PriceSpotter thanks all who participated. And now the answer to last week's Lavagnino's Real Residence Returns.

Asking price today: $899,000
Asking Price in 2006: $1.1 million (it finally sold in 2007 for 900,000)

More description: "Spirit and optimism still pervade Lavagnino's light filled soaring hyperbolic paraboloid concrete shell spanning 38 feet, supported on four exterior columns. Tilt-up concrete panels and glass enclose interior formalized by screens into living, dining & bedroom areas. Interior space, recently restored and updated by designer Scott Mangan, flows naturally to the exterior patios and nearly 3/4 acre site that incorporates gardens, a studio, 2 car garage and additional parking."
Winner: It seems that most people cheated. But Hogan the dog, who guessed $1,095,000 in 2006, and guessed $895,000, guessed closest to the two figures. OR he worked hardest to ever so slightly mask his cheating.
· PriceSpotter: Lavagnino's Real Residence Returns [Curbed LA]