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CurbedWire: Venice Skateboard Park Breaks Ground, Budget Survey

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Credit: Yo Venice
VENICE: Yo Venice reports that ground has broken on that 16,000-square-foot skate park planned for Venice Beach. The project will be close to the "existing skate dance area near Windward Avenue and Ocean Front Walk" per an older Argonaut article. You can see all the glorious renderings here. [Yo Venice]

LOS ANGELES: If you haven't filled this form out, a reminder to do so. City officials are asking you to weigh in and fill out what you think matters--budget-wise-- to help them figure out where the budget priorities are. Trash removal, graffiti clean-up, library services, etc. Via the press release: "Each year we hope to make certain that more peoples voices are heard on budget priorities and that each of the Citys neighborhoods is represented in the budget process." Fill out the form here. [Curbed Inbox]