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"Last Man Standing" On Lucas Avenue Folds

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RIP Bob Pramenko, elderly resident and famous holdout at 200 Lucas Avenue near downtown. Pramenko passed away four months ago and his Craftsman-like home--wedged between numerous developments on Lucas--was listed yesterday for $429,000 (it's a probate sale). "Last Man Standing" was the November 2007 Downtown News headline for a story about the 93-year old, who bought the 1910 house on Lucas for $19,500, but refused developers' offers of as much as $700,000 to sell his place, one of the few remaining single-family homes on the hill. "He was sweet, but he was stubborn like a mule," Lil Montalvo, listing agent at Coldwell Banker, tells Curbed. "He wouldn't sell to anyone." Despite Pramenko's wishes, his home may indeed may be turned into condos: Montalvo says this lot can be developed for four units.
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