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Few More Details About Your Silver Lake Library

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New Angeles' Matthew Kang interviews 25-year Silver Lake resident Barry Milofsky, a partner at M2A Architects, about his firm's designs for the under-construction Silver Lake Library, just one of many libraries either about to open or just opened. According to Milofsky, the most significant part of the design is the "large glass colonnade enclosing the public square at the front of the building." Notably, it looks like the glass walls will allow visitors to look out, while folks walking around on the sidewalks will be able to look in and see people in the reading room. Meanwhile, the reason for all these new libraries, according to the paper, is surplus money from Proposition DD, a $178 million bond, approved by voters in 1998, that renovated and built a number of new libraries. This one here will be done in spring 2009.
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