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Twitter This: LMU Neighbors in No Mood to Party

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Neighbors of Loyola Marymount are getting wise to the new fangled Web 2.0 tools, such as Twitter, which are allowing rambunctious college co-eds to move between house parties and avoid parties that attract police.The Westchester Parents blog alerts fellow party-poopers to the kids and their technology tricks.

In a previous article I wrote about a series of parties next door to me noting that “these frankly -odd- parties that start and stop in fits where I have to almost weekly call LAPD. Sometimes I think these kids are following a script and moving from one house to another because the partying sometimes doesn’t start -until- 12:00AM, other times they start at 10:00PM and end at 12:00AM and later restart again at 2:00PM.” Well, the script is the common cell phone and its messaging features. Notably Twitter and Facebook. Short of Twitter hacking and cell phone blocking technology, the blog encourages neighbors to phone up the po-po right away and file a complaint the following morning.
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