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Construction Watch: Hollywood Tower Terrace

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The welders, workers and heavy machinery have finally descended upon the Hollywood Tower Terrace site, just west of the corner of Gower and Franklin. During an early morning drive-by we spotted some fiery welding of steel beams. Ooh, progress. After months of delay, where the site was used as a parking lot, Christmas tree lot and mini-dust bowl, permits for excavation and construction have been pulled and work on the 146-unit apartment building is underway. Per city documents, the four-story building will have 138 market rate units and 8 affordable units for very-low income people. During the long wait, the project apparently lost 10-feet (75 feet to 65 feet) of height and lost two levels of subterranean parking. Also, per the plans available online we see that the project has been redubbed as the La Belle at Hollywood Tower.
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Hollywood Tower

6138 Franklin Ave., Los Angeles, CA