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Rethinking Loyola Village

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UCLA has Westwood Village, but Loyola Marymount University (LMU) has no similar bustling retail hub, shop owners along Lincoln Boulevard in Westchester tell the Daily Breeze's Kristin S. Agostoni. So, here come the city planners and their designs for the place: "Called a Community Design Overlay District, blueprint sets architectural and design standards for new developments by targeting facades, gates, driveways and landscaping plans, among other features.To encourage pedestrian access - a main goal--it recommends putting parking lots in the rear of buildings, prohibiting new driveways along Lincoln and Manchester and adding canopies and awnings. At least 60 percent of the ground-level facades for commercial buildings would have to consist of doors and windows." In addition to new Loyola Village guidelines, the Breeze reports that there's a proposal to build 250 residential units at 7270 W. Manchester. [Daily Breeze]