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CurbedWire: Vaguely Artistic in Venice, Beverly Hills' Blu Almost Leased Up

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VENICE: Now angry packs of movie directors are donning backpacks and tagging. Actually who knows what this sign means. But we do know it was spotted in Venice. [Via flickr user Vaguely Artistic]

BEVERLY HILLS: We were wondering how Blu, that new rental development on Wilshire was filling up, so we stopped in recently. There are 7 units left. Prices at the 37-unit development range from $3300-$8900 unfurnished and $6000-$12,000 furnished. Wait a sec! Originally, marketing materials said that rents started at $4,200. The press rep says prices never dropped. Guess there was an error in that first release? [Curbed Staff]


350 Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach, CA